Precision Hardware for Precise Measurements of Spindle Performance

SpindleCheck uses precision capacitive displacement sensors to measure changes in position of a master target pin mounted in the spindle. Measurements are communicated wirelessly to a laptop or tablet outside the machine.

In addition to the electronics and displacement probes, required hardware includes a probe nest for mounting the probes for measurement and a precision ground master target pin with a copper plated index trigger area.

SpindleCheck comes complete with everything you need including a hard-shell carrying case.

Sensor Electronics

The electonics module includes a magnetic mounting system. The system supports three channels of measurement, one for each axis (X, Y, Z) and an index channel. The electronics connect via wirelessly for closed-door operation or thru USB 2.0 to the computer running the SpindleCheck software.

Indicators make probe positioning easy.

Capacitive Displacement Probes and Index Probe

Capacitive displaement probes provide precise, noncontact measurements at high speed. You can SpindleCheck a spindle at up to 120,000 RPM. The probes have a measurement range of 250 µm (0.01 inch) with a minimum gap (Near Gap) of 125 µm (0.01 inch).

Index Sensor Probe

A 3 mm diameter eddy-current probe is the "index" sensor. This sensor detects the copper plated portion of the precision target pin and generates a "once-around" signal to provide angular location reference. This reference point aligns the display of multiple revolutions.

Probe Nest Mounting Systems

Accuracy of the measurements are dependent on stiffness and reliability of the mounting hardware. Precision probe nest mounting systems are designed to maintain precise perpendicularity required for accurate measurement of your machine.

A magnetic base makes for quick and easy setup inside the machine.

Probe nests include mounting for the index probe and an optional carbon fiber grounding brush to provide a good ground connection to the target pin when rotating.

Probe nests are manufactured from 416 SST hardened to Rc 40

Precision Target Pin

A precision target pin provides an accurate reference for spindle measurement. The pin has a precision ground radial target area and a 1 inch diameter spherical end for Z axis measurements.

The precision target pin includes a copper plated area which is used with the Index probe to provide a once-around signal to maintain alignment of measurement data.

The pin diameter is 8 mm.