Know Your Machine's Capabilities

Positioning and Cutting Capabilities

You can measure your machine's capability to position the tool where you want it, and it's cutting performance when spinning the tool.

Watch your machines trend over time. Measure them after a crash to check for damage. Print reports so everyone knows the machine's capabilities.

Positioning Capabilities

Your machine's capability to position the tool to the workpiece is everything. SpindleCheck measures four positioning factors of your machine tool.

Warm-Up Characteristics

How long does the machine take to stabilize when it's first started? How far does it move?


How much tool movement is from vibration? What are the vibration sources?


How accurately can the tool repeat a position? Which axis is worst?

Thermal Effects

Is the tool moving with chiller cycling or other thermal factors?

Cutting Capabilities

When cutting, the rotational accuracy of the spindle is a significant factor in determining the quality of the finished part.

Roundness Capabilities

When roundness is critical, know what you're machine is capable of.

Surface Roughness Capabilities

Know which machine, which speeds, and which axes provide the best surface finish.

Position Shift with RPM

Do you know how much the tool position shifts when you change speeds? It's not zero.


Do you know what the spindle is doing at operating speeds? You can't measure that with a dial indicator.

Total Rotational Error

Do you know the health of your rotary axis? Total Rotation Error measurements give a picture.