Making Machine Tool Measurements

Quick and Easy Measurement

SpindleCheck comes in a hard-shell case ready to measure.

The system is designed to setup less than five minutes. Run the spindle at your desired test speeds and know how the spindle is performing in just a few minutes.

Wireless Sensor System

Four noncontact probes mount in a magnetic base on the table. A high-precision target pin is placed in the tool holder. Connect the probes to the battery-operated, wireless electronics, move the pin into position in front of the probes and you're ready to measure.

SpindleCheck Software

Software running on a nearby laptop or tablet connects wirelessly to the sensor system so you can run doors-closed. The software takes and presents the measurement results on screen and in printed reports

Seeing Your Machine

Set your spindle to different speeds and SpindleCheck measures several parameters like roundness capability and surface roughness capability at each speed. See the results on screen and printed reports.

Welcome to a new era. Know your machine tool.